Monday, November 29, 2010


I am so sorry I haven't updated the blog in months! I'll start with Halloween pictures, and look for birthday and Thanksgiving pics in the coming weeks. Oh, and the song (Dynamite) is one of the kids' (and mine, too) favorite songs right now. It has no relevance to the photos! Anyway, the kids had a fantastic time trick-or-treating in their neighborhood and at their great-grandparents' home. We still have tons of candy! Alina was Elpheba and Maddie was Glinda (from Wicked) and Nicholas was a knight. I was so happy I got to stop by Nick's school for his Halloween party!


Er Finke said...

Ame - the kids are so cute in their costumes! Also, I thought you would like to know that a new thing at Beaver stadium is to have the whole stadium sing this song when PSU scores a touchdown. They even put the lyrics on the big playback screens!! It's pretty fun - I bet your kids would love it! Miss you - let's try to get together soon!

Lea said...

LOVE the Wicked costumes! That's my favorite musical! Glad to see the updates!

Lisha said...

Oh I'm so behind on my blog as well!! Lol I need to get on and post some pics!! The kids costumes were adorable!!! :) those family pics will be treasured! :)