Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry I'm about a week behind on my blog again! On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we got some stuff done around the house. On Sunday, we went to Aunt Judi's for lunch and then to Gee and Pappy's for steaks on the grill (and John Deere cake for dessert!!) for dinner. On Monday (my birthday - the big 3-1!), we just relaxed around the house, and I got to do a little shopping. By the way, the song playing right now is the kids' current favorite!

Opening birthday presents at Gee and Pappy's.

The kiddos with Pappy - doing their "work" on the computer!

Memorial Day Weekend, continued

We went to Aunt Judi's on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend for a lunch-time cook-out. it was a very nice day, and the pool was open, but the water was a little cool. That didn't stop the kiddos from wanting to go in, but they managed to just stay on the steps. Nicholas dunked his face right in! I think he's going to have a lot of fun at the beach! My mom brought a cake since my birthday was the following day. The kids liked singing Happy Birthday to Mommy and helping to blow out the candles!

Alina and Maddie styled Matt's hair.

Eating popsicles on the deck.

Hanging poolside with Dani.

Mommy's birthday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preschool Graduation and New Hair Cuts

Maddie and Alina celebrated their preschool graduation last Thursday! I can't believe they'll be starting kindergarten in the fall - they are growing up too quickly! They looked beautiful and did a great job going up on stage to get their diplomas and to perform a song with their class.

New hair cuts for summer!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Canoe and Kayak to Conquer Cancer

Sorry I'm a week behind on my blog! Pappy Po and some others organized a very successful fundraising event for the American Cancer Society last weekend - the "Canoe and Kayak to Conquer Cancer" event. They had over 200 boaters participate. It took about 6 hours for them to boat to the finish - and then you could make a donation to eat, drink, and listen to the live music at a pavilion by the river. Ian and I and the kids did not attempt the boat ride - Ian said he's going to next year - we had a really good time at the festivities following! It was warm and rained off and on, so the kids ran through puddles and got soaking wet. Aunt Kelly, Aunt Vic, Uncle Dave, and his friends Jeff and Robin were there, and Kel, Dave, and Jeff (whom the girls called the "rockin' man") performed. They sounded fabulous!!

The day after the event - Aunt Vic and Nicholas.

Aunt Kelly and Alina.

More "Canoe and Kayak to Conquer Cancer" Pics

Uncle Dave and Jeff warming up before the show; Aunt Kelly teaching Maddie how to play the tambourine; Aunt Vic dancing with Alina; and Nicholas looking for a mud puddle.

Nicholas in a mud puddle. He splashed and jumped and kicked up the water. This picture really doesn't do it justice - he was completely soaked by the rain (although he dried considerably by the time this photo was taken). His legs and feet were covered in mud - as was his bum because he slipped and fell in the puddle. But he had a blast!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful Ballerinas!

Dance Recital

Maddie and Alina performed a ballet dance and a tap dance with their class in a recital on Fiday night. They looked so beautiful and danced wonderfully! They were very excited to be on stage. Their ballet was to "The Voice Within" and tap as to "Good Day Sunshine." Gee, Grandma S., Baba, Pappy Po, Aunt Kelly, and Cathy and her husband were all there to watch. And Mommy and Daddy and Nicholas, of course. It was a long night, but very fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend! I got to spend the whole weekend with my wonderful family - I feel so blessed to have them. The kids made me beautiful cards and Ian spent most of Sunday cleaning so that I wouldn't have to. He even gave the dog a bath - WOW! On Saturday, we saw Baba and Gee to wish them a Happy Mother's Day, too.

Me and my kiddos!!

Maddie lost her fourth tooth on Saturday!

Gee and the kids.

Baba and the kids. Nicholas was not in the mood to get his picture taken, so this was the only pose that he would participate in. But it made for a cute photo!

Kelsey and Kaitlyn's visit

Last weekend, my friend Shelby watched the kids at her house so that Ian and I could see the Wolverine movie. So this weekend, her girls came over to our house so that she and her husband could go to the movies. The kids had a really fun time playing dress up, playing in the tent, and making various ice cream creations!

The kids watching Mary Poppins.

Nicholas and Kaitlyn smiling in the tent.

Kaitlyn and Nicholas taking care of the baby dolls.

Princess Madeline and rock stars Kelsey and Alina.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lost Teeth and Other Photos

Alina lost her first tooth! She was very excited - and the Tooth Fairy brought her a gold coin!

Maddie lost her third tooth - the Tooth Fairy has been very busy!

Maddie, Alina, and Nicholas in their tent in the living room.

The girls with their "Sound of Music" tickets before the show. We all really enjoyed it!