Monday, September 22, 2008

The Pittsburgh Zoo

We had a wonderful time at the zoo this past weekend! The weather was beautiful, and we got to see so many animals up close. The favorites included the baby elephants, giraffes, penguins, bears, sea lions, and kangaroos.

The baby elephants were so cute! We got to see how the big elephants drink water with their trunks.

Nicholas looking at the giraffes and elephants.

Nicholas and Daddy.

More zoo...

The kids got to get really close to a kangaroo!

Alina and Maddie next to the lion's fence. If you look very closely, the lion is sleeping on a rock behind the girls.

The kids next to the zebras. Nicholas wanted out of the stroller.

More zoo...

More zoo pics...The penguins were a big hit, and Nicholas loved watching the fish and "shoaks" (sharks) at the aquarium.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

College Football Season Has Started!

I'm a little behind posting this! Last weekend, we were all excited for the start of football season! As you can see, the kids enjoyed wearing their favorite team colors (influenced by Mom and Dad, of course). I think we're compromising nicely. The girls are in Penn State cheerleader uniforms and Nicholas is in his Notre Dame attire. Both teams won, by the way, so I told the kids they had to wear these outfits every Saturday during football season!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Aunt Nat's and Uncle Matt's Wedding!!!

Sorry it took me longer than I thought it would to post more pics of the wedding - but here they are! The pics are out of order - but that's O.K. - they still show how much fun everyone had!

Daddy and Nicholas at dinner

Baba and Nicholas

Pappy F dancing with Maddie

Gi and Alina


Me and Kel

The band was awesome - and, as you can see, we had fun dancing!


Our family all dressed up! Nicholas was not very happy at this point, but at least he's in the picture!

Maddie and Uncle Matt

Nicholas with his juice. After he got rid of that coat and bow tie and had some juice, he had a blast!

Nicholas with one of the bridesmaid's little girls. So cute!!!


Gi and the flower girls! All looking lovely!

Gi helping Nat with her veil.

The girls love to pose!

The kids playing on the steps - always fun!

The lovely flower girls and handsome, but grumpy, honorary ring bearer!


The beautiful Bedford Springs

Mr. and Mrs. K entering the reception!

Maddie and Alina in their make-up for the big day!

Mommy and her beautiful girls!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Aunt Nat's and Uncle Matt's Wedding!!!

O.K., so I'm really tired, but I have to post just three wedding pics. Believe me, I'll post many, many more later (maybe tomorrow). Anyway, the wedding was absolutely perfect! Natalie looked gorgeous, and the wedding and reception were beautiful - and a total blast!! I was so proud of Alina and Maddie - they were perfect flower girls and of course they looked gorgeous! Nicholas did a great job as honorary ring bearer, although he did not enjoy getting his picture taken until we were at the reception (after he lost his bow tie and coat). But I did my best to get some good pics. Here are three good ones!!

Rehearsal Dinner at Heartland Hall

The night before the big day!!! We had a fun time at Aunt Nat's and Matt's wedding rehearsal and dinner. The food was delicious, and Matt and Nat put together an awesome slide show of pics from when they were little. Wedding pics will be posted soon (hopefully)!

It was so nice of Matt's mom to give the kids little gift bags at dinner! The girls loved posing with their new feather scarves!

Nicholas was sleepy, but he was trooper. Pretzels make everything better! Here he is enjoying a snack with Gi and Pappy.

A very smiley Nicholas with Uncle Wayne.

Aunt Kelly made it in all the way from San Francisco to sing at the wedding. We've missed her, so it was so wonderful to spend some time with her. Here are the girls enjoying time with Aunt Kelly.

Nicholas with his beloved football. An awesome present for the honorary ring bearer from Aunt Nat and soon to be Uncle Matt!