Thursday, August 27, 2009

Girls' First Day of Kindergarten!

Alina and Madeline had a great first day of Kindergarten! Ian did a great job getting them ready for school (I had inservice, so I had to leave at 7:00 am - which I was not too happy about). But I am really happy they had such a good day! Maddie's favorite part was riding the bus (Ian takes them to school and they ride the bus home). They weren't thrilled that their classroom seats were not beside each other, but I think it's better that way. Their poor teacher has 4 sets of twins in one class! The girls ate the school lunch (hamburgers) and got to carry trays. They took a tour of the school and learned about apples. They practiced some prayers for Mass tomorrow and learned how to lower the kneelers in church (this was another highlight of the day)! I hope tomorrow goes just as well!

Last Day of Summer Vacation!

On Tuesday, (my last day of summer vacation), we went to Legion Park and then swimming at Miss Cathy's. I great "end of summer" day! The evening before, we went to the Meadows. I realize we could potentially still do all these things once school starts, but for some reason, I felt we had to get them in now!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

State College with Friends!

On Saturday, we met our friends Erinn and Dan in State College for lunch. This was the first time we got to see their little girl, Ellie - because they live very far away now! The kids really enjoyed each other, and the grown-ups enjoyed catching up. Thanks Erinn, Dan, and Ellie!! We'll miss you!!

Nicholas, Maddie, Ellie, and Alina outside the restaurant.

The kiddos with Erinn outside the Creamery for some really yummy dessert!

Having fun in the restaurant...